TimTheTatman as Commentator

On the newest episode of the Eavesdrop Podcast, Optic Gaming CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez stated why he believes the Dallas Cowboys should hire popular streamer TimTheTatman as a commentator.

H3CZ’s YouTube page now offers Episode 110 of the Eavesdrop Podcast, which features special guest Dr. Ben ‘The Bentist’ Winters.

The two talked about Twitch’s latest streamer revenue leak and how important it is for people to innovate and be unique in order to rise to the top of the list. They highlighted TimTheTatman’s recent contract with Complexity Gaming as an example of how to stand out from other creators throughout their talk.

The Optic CEO then talked about what the Dallas Cowboys should do to keep younger fans interested in the team. H3CZ said to begin the discussion; “At some point, the Cowboys are going to have to realize that as much as the current commentators are good for current fans, the younger demographic being introduced to football would be better suited if Tim was a commentator.”

Because Tim already streams NFL games on his channel, Rodriguez stated that he could have his assistant Wipz on the field sending information to him while he commented on the game.

Tim has broadcast from AT&T Stadium with running-back Ezekiel Elliot since becoming co-owner of Complexity with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, indicating that he may have a link with the team’s players to help develop a relationship between them and the creator’s fans.

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