TimTheTatman Called Out Twitch

Following the addition of the streaming platform Twitch’s recent controversy regarding paid boost feature, YouTube streamer Tim Betar AKA ‘TimTheTatman’ has referred to the streaming platform as a “mobile game” and “pay to win.”

The recent assault on Twitch’s streaming monopoly by YouTube is the latest twist in a saga that has seen new platforms try to gain a foothold in the burgeoning community. YouTube appears to be succeeding where Mixer failed. When TimTheTatman left Twitch last September, he became arguably the biggest name to sign an exclusivity deal, with CouRage and Valkyrae already streaming on the video platform.

He explained why he thinks YouTube Gaming is a better home for streamers than Twitch, and on October 29th he chastised Amazon’s streaming platform for introducing a controversial new feature.

Users can pay to boost specific streams to other users using the feature in question. Twitch’s own creators have been critical of it, but the site has persevered and added it anyway. TimTheTatman, who is no longer streaming on Twitch, has also joined the chorus of those who have criticized the move.

He commented asking what’s going to stop him from boosting his stream and then running ads? and said that nothing prevents the feature from being used in this manner and responded, that it is pay to win bro and that it is a mobile game.

TimTheTatman joins a slew of other well-known figures in criticizing the feature. For instance, xQc called it the “worst idea” he’d ever seen. Despite the reservations, Twitch has moved forward with the feature, which is now being rolled out to users in stages.

It’s unclear how it ages or how long it’ll last, but Tim seems relieved that YouTube doesn’t have a similar feature.

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