TimTheTatman Mocks Ninja Fortnite Dance

Since he began streaming in 2012, TimTheTatman has gone a long way. Tim, who is currently contracted to YouTube Gaming, has a number of unique sponsorship partnerships that have enabled him to stream from unusual settings such as football stadiums and, most recently, from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tim took a break from his YouTube livestream yesterday to taunt his friend Ninja while streaming outside in the cold of New York City. Even nice guys meme on their friends. Tim is recognized for being one of the nicest people on the internet, but even nice guys meme on their friends.

Tim imitated Ninja‘s floss dance, mimicking the New Year’s Eve incident in New York’s Times Square in 2018. As the camera cut to a cold and tired crowd, Ninja flossed in front of a crowd in the pouring rain and muttered, “I’m not seeing enough movement.”

“Being in New York City, I gotta do something,” Tim said, standing up. He “paid tribute” to Ninja by doing the floss and quoted Ninja, yelling, “I’m not seeing enough movement, New York.”

Many have joked about the flossing fiasco since it happened. In 2018, even Ninja himself made light of the situation and wrote about the failure on Twitter, which was hilarious to many, including FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill.

Tim sat down after his best Ninja impression and explained the good reason for imitating the popular Fortnite streamer stating; “I had to do it… I live in New York, I had to. Side note: Flossing is hard, I love you, Tyler.”

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