TimTheTatman Opinion On Jake Paul

Jake Paul recently came off with his fifth victory in boxing his fellow streamer TimTheTatman believes the ‘Problem Child’ is good for the ‘sweet science,’ despite criticism of his influencer career.

After Jake Paul defeated the former five-time champion of UFC Tyron Woodley in their previous highly-anticipated rematch last December 18th, he is once again making waves in the boxing world.

The undefeated record of 5-0 pro of Jake Paul put him on top of the world and has the entire world talking about him after winning by knockout in the sixth round.

Jake Paul has made it his mission to shake up the boxing world since facing YouTuber Deji in 2018. As a result, it’s undeniable that the influencer has brought a slew of new eyes from the younger generation to the sport.

TimTheTatman recently brought up Jake Paul during his previous stream following his most recent victory. While TimTheTatman does not believe at first that Jake Paul is on par with legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, he is reported saying that he does believe the Paul’s youngest brother is reviving the ‘sweet science’ with the help of his followers and fans.

TimTheTatman isn’t alone in his thinking; several other high-profile figures, including Mike Tyson, who was rumored to be fighting Logan Paul at some point in the future, have also expressed his sentiments though this proposed bout has yet to be confirmed.

Jake Paul’s next opponent is still unknown, but one thing is for sure: the ‘Problem Child’ is only getting started.

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