TimTheTatman Reaches 4 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Youtube gaming streamer Timothy Betar aka TimTheTatman has announced that he reached his 4 million subscribers on youtube and it was just the start.

Days before TimTheTatman announced that he will be leaving Twitch platform as he signed an exclusive deal on Youtube gaming, Dr Lupo also announced that he will be joining the exclusive streaming partners on Youtube. Because of this, Twitch has lost its two of the biggest streamers within a week. Regardless, ever since timThetatman moved on youtube gaming, he has already seen substantial growth of his channel having debuted on the platform on September 2nd.

Just a week after the announcement of his move, Tim’s YouTube community has surpassed more than 4 million subscribers on Youtube. According to social media analytics site SocialBlade, Tim has garnered more than 200,000 subscribers since the announcement of his move. This number took his already impressive audience of 3.8 million to the next milestone he reached today. TimTheTatman took to twitter to announce the milestone he reached as he thanked his fans for their love and support to the streamer over his decision to switch to Youtube gaming.

He also said that it was just the beginning of his youtube career so we are expecting to see more milestones to come on TimTheTatman’s youtube streaming career. The content views on Tim’s channel were already recording all-time highs before the move, according to SocialBlade, though with the stream residing on the channel permanently, it is likely there will be a jump in views coming gradually to the channel. Four million subscribers is an extremely impressive number but with Tim’s community, it shouldn’t be long before Tim is able to increase his sub count even further.

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