TimTheTatman Says Dr Disrespect is One of The Reasons For His Move

TimTheTatman, also known as Timothy Betar, claims that he misses playing with Dr Disrespect and that the Doc was a major part of his Twitch exit.

Two of the most popular streamers made an announcement earlier this month. DrLupo, TimtheTatman and others signed an exclusive deal for Youtube gaming. Tim spoke candidly about his motivations for moving to YouTube. Tim explained how YouTube Gaming would give him more freedom, which would enable him to spend more quality time with his family. This sentiment was similar to DrLupo’s.

TimTheTatman revealed another reason for his decision. He said he misses playing with Doc Disrespect and that Doc was a major part of his Youtube moves.

He said that it was a joy to once more play with or stream alongside his friend, Dr Disrespect. Tim stated that he enjoys playing with his friends, but said Doc was the top 3 in terms of content produced. That’s what Tim missed.

He said, “I am very pleased that Doc can play again today and forever.” Doc is the one thing I and my community have missed out on a lot. It was wonderful to have that camaraderie between us. We have a lot of fun streaming together because it is so easy to do this back and forth. His wit is quick and his comedy style is more sit-down than his. That dynamic is something I’m sure a lot people didn’t see, including myself.” The real winner here are the fans who get to enjoy the banter and laughs.

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