TimTheTatman Urges on Complexity to Create Call of Duty Team

Youtuber TimTheTatman has gone a long way since his days as a part-time caster to become a co-owner of Team Complexity. Despite not having any professional gaming experience, the 31-year-old streamer has enjoyed a meteoric climb. This is a fantastic achievement, especially since he also inked an exclusive partnership with YouTube Gaming.

Tim has recently announced his desire to start a Call of Duty team in 2021, which has been a fascinating year for him. Tim mentioned his intention to one day compete in the Call of Duty League ( CDL) as the owner of Team Complexity during a recent stream. This could become a reality soon, and fans will be able to see them in CDL for the first time.

Here’s what he stated; “Hey guys, can we get a CDL team, thanks? Actually, I would love a Complexity CDL team, personally. um because being a big Call of Duty fan, growing up in Call of Duty and when you think back, you know, you guys remember the OG Complexity CDL team.”

As a lifelong Call of Duty enthusiast, everyone dreams of one day having their own team. Tim shares the same ambition, and he seemed dialed in on the idea of forming his own team. He reminisced about the good old days and all the famous players who had left Complexity with great moments. Because the streamer has been playing Call of Duty games for several years, his unwavering devotion to the franchise speaks for itself.

Tim, as a co-owner, could quickly turn this idea into a reality. Call of Duty is about to get a whole new game to add to the growing franchise. With Vanguard’s release next month, every corporation would desire to be the team to win the next CDL tournament. This would be the ideal time for Tim and his squad to enter the fray and compete for glory.

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