TimTheTatman: Youtube Gaming is better

Former twitch streamer Tim Betar aka Timthetatman has now shared some thoughts about his move from Twitch into Youtube gaming stating that Youtube gaming is better than Twitch.

With over 7 million followers on Twitch, Tim is one of Twitch’s biggest names, but he recently announced his move into Youtube gaming signing an exclusive deal contract. He joined his fellow streamers and friends such as Dr Disrespect and CouRage. His first ever stream on Youtube took place yesterday on September 1st.

During the stream, before hopping into the game together with his friends and fellow streamers Dr Disrespect and Courage, Tim has his usual talk to his viewers. While talking to his viewers, Tim went on to discuss why he thinks that Youtube gaming is better than Twitch.

According to Timthetatman, there are a number of things that he prefers over Twitch and this includes being able to pause his stream and come back with no interruptions, even when clipping. Also, he says that he has been considered a YouTuber by fans even when he was one of Twitch’s biggest names and he’s only just now starting streaming on YouTube. Here’s what he said; “Eight of ten people that come up to me when I get recognized call me a YouTuber! It was so bizarre to me. Ultimately, at the end of the day, man, there are more eyes on YouTube and more people know about YouTube.”

TimTheTatman also compares YouTube Gaming to Twitch saying that consider the number of streamers on Twitch, getting discovered can be quite a pain and a lot of it just comes down to luck. According to him, there was a time when he wanted to see how far he could scroll down on Twitch’s Warzone category but he eventually ended up scrolling “forever.” He stated; “There’s so many people, if you go to Twitch’s Warzone category, you are scrolling for days. For days! You’re just going!”

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