Few Tips For Smartphones – Tricks To Know

Few Tips For Smartphones in 2022 – Tricks to Know

Few Tips For Smartphones – Tricks To Know

Are you someone who has been looking for the Tips For Smartphones? So, read further to know more about it.

We are living in a world where our lives revolve around smartphones. Smartphones are used by about one-third of the world’s population. There are numerous manufacturers in the market today. These phones are available from the cheapest to most expensive price range. The best part is that every price range offers you every essential feature of a smartphone.

These phones have all your regular requirements from alarm clock to calendar, from powerful camera to HD screens, and from social media to games. They have made our life very easy hence, justifying the title of “SMART phones.

Like every other electronic gadget, your smartphone also requires a certain amount of care. In this article, I will provide you with a handful of tips for smartphones. These will help you secure your smartphones and make them long-lasting.

Our Tips For Smartphones

Given below are a few most important tips for a smartphone. I will recommend you apply these tips and tricks to your smartphone ASAP. Let’s begin now.

  • Set A Password

Every smartphone is linked to an email ID. All information that you save on your phone, from passwords to bank details, gets synced to this email ID. This fruitful feature has reduced the risk of losing data. But, at the same time has made your phone vulnerable. Losing your phone means losing all your data too.

To protect a whole lot of your personal and confidential information, it is very essential to lock your phone with a unique passcode or pattern.

Smartphones offer exquisite security features considering the dependency of their users. The lock facilities like “Face lock”, “Fingerprint”, “Pattern”, “PIN lock” make sure that nobody gets access to your phone without your permission. These features can be enabled from the Settings ⇒ Lock and Security ⇒ Set PIN ⇒ Lock.

To enable any of the above security features two essential head starts are-

  • Setting a PIN, in case any feature fails, and
  • Setting a security question

Some manufacturers also offer an option of Smart Lock. The Smart Lock includes features like- “On-body detection”, “Trusted places”, and “Trusted Device”. These additional security features can also be enabled from the “Lock and Security” option under settings.

  • Do Not Open Any Sceptical Links

While surfing the internet on your smartphone, you will always come across advertisements and links. You also receive links through spam messages. These links are merely an attack on your device.

They are created with the sole purpose of jeopardizing your device’s security and getting all the data from it. So, it is highly suggested to avoid opening such links and advertisements.

  • Keep Your Phone Update 

Now and then, smartphone users receive updates from the manufacturers. These are the software updates that usually fix the bugs, enhance the security system, and sometimes add a few new features to your phone.

It is mostly recommended to keep your phone updated. The updated versions ensure the smooth working of the phone and its features. 

The recent update in Android has added features like Digital Well-being and Focus Mode. 

  • The Digital Well-being feature comes with a “Bed Time Mode”. This helps you to silence your device and get a peaceful sleep. You can set your sleep time. Within the Alarm Clock app, you will find the tab to Bed Time Mode. The feature is auto-enabled at the set time, turning the screen to grayscale and your phone to Do Not Disturb mode automatically.
  • The Focus Mode, on the other hand, helps you to select the apps and shut them down temporarily. These can be irritable apps that do not let you concentrate on your work. 

Both these features can be disabled whenever you wish to. You can also add them to the Quick Access menu.

  • Keep Distinctive Passwords For All Your Profiles

Today, most of us have multiple accounts on multiple websites. It is proposed to use a different password every time you create a new profile. If at any time, one of your profiles gets hacked or manipulated, it will save all the other associated and non-associated accounts from danger.

The auto-saving of your passwords into your synced email ID may lead to danger. Your security can be violated if the email ID is hacked. So, try noting down your password next time you create a profile.

  • Use A VPN When Connected To Unsecure WiFi

There are times when you are out of your home without any active data plan, so you simply connect to open public WiFi. Well, these open WiFi networks surely allow you to access the internet. But, do not forget that these open WiFi networks are gravely unsafe.

To avoid the mishaps of using open WiFi, connect your smartphone to a VPN service. This will ensure the protection of your device from the data mongers who might try diving into your device through an open WiFi network.

  • Install Apps Only From Verified Stores

This should be gravely considered. Nowadays, some manufacturers design their Apps Store. You can install apps from these stores but there is no accountability that these are safe. Sharing your information and giving access to these apps can be harmful.

Try using only, the Google Play Store for Android and Apple store for iPhones, installing any apps on your smartphones.

  • Remember To Create A Backup 

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To avoid losing your precious data, the safest way is to create a backup. You can either save all your data on your laptop or services like Drive. This provides additional storage on your phone. The Drive is connected to your email ID, so, whatever you save on your email gets saved on the Drive automatically.

You can retrieve any data that has been accidentally deleted from your phone if you create a backup. Try creating a backup occasionally. After all, smartphones are electronic devices that can get corrupted or broken.

The Drive and Cloud Services will help you create a safe and secure backup of all your data. 

  • Always Use An Antivirus

With hundreds of downloads and staying connected to private and public networks. Your device is always facing the threat of viruses and outsiders’ invasion. A decent antivirus app would help you to secure your device and prompt you of any attack.

The most popularly used antivirus apps on smartphones are-

  • Bitdefender Mobile Security
  • Norton Mobile Security
  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • Google Play Protect

Most of these apps can be installed from the Google Play Store. While a maximum of these and other antivirus apps are available free of cost, you can also find some paid apps. The apps mentioned in the list above also offer to protect multiple devices under one subscription.

  • Uninstall the inactive apps

Keeping the unused apps in your device procures extra space. These apps should be uninstalled immediately. Certain apps, even when not in use, use a lot of space on your phone, drain out enough battery, and sometimes also lags your device.

So to save the uselessly occupied space on your phone, delete these inactive apps along with their cache data or any other residual files.

  • Mention Your Contact Details On The Lock Screen

Displaying your personal information helps you in a time of the mishap. This feature in your smartphone will help anyone to inform your emergency contact without unlocking your phone.

The information like your name, emergency contact number, and address will flash on your lock screen all the time, once you enable it.

The feature can be enabled under the Settings ⇒  Lock screen ⇒ Contact Info ⇒ Done. 

  • Avoid Over-charging Your Phone

Your smartphone will live a long life only if its power source remains intact. Over-charging your phone or any other electronic gadget is always harmful to it. The over-charging not only takes away the battery life but also slows down your phone.

Though now some of the smartphones come with the AI that disconnects the power source as soon as the charging is complete, i.e., 100%. Now, by overcharging I do not imply too long hours of charging. I mean that you should avoid charging your phone again and again. 

Remember to never let your battery hit the 15% mark or below. This is also a downfall of your phone’s battery.

  • Optimize Your Quick Settings Menu

By optimizing, here, I mean that you should keep all your essential apps in your reach. Maximum apps like WiFi, Data, Flashlight, Location, Screen Record, Bluetooth, etc. are already mentioned in the quick settings.

You can also add features like Bed Time Mode, Focus Mode, Screen Cast, and Dark Theme, etc. This will help you in activating and deactivating them whenever you want.

  • Granting Permissions To The Apps

As you are aware that most of the apps require permission to access your contacts, locations, camera, microphone, and media. If you deny these permissions you may not be able to use these apps optimally. Sometimes, you do not even pay attention to the permissions you grant. You grant them anyway without realizing the threats they impose to your privacy.

Try allowing access to these apps only when they are in use. You can also review your permissions by opening Settings ⇒ Apps & notifications ⇒  (App Name) ⇒ Permissions. You can see and edit the “Allowed” and “Denied” permissions here.


Smartphones are very crucial devices. On one hand, they make our lives so much easier. On the other hand, make us vulnerable to the threats like virus attack, hacking, and phishing. In the end, I’ll advise you to use these tips to secure your phone and avoid any kind of violation and manipulation of your device. 

Read all of these tips carefully and make sure to cross-check them while using your phone. Remember to use strong and difficult to guess passwords for your phone lock, personal WiFi, and online accounts.

Never use similar passwords for your social media accounts and essential accounts like e-banking and online wallets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I avoid updating my phone?

The update cannot be avoided. If you do not update your phone on time after a certain period you will not be able to use it unless you update it. It is essential to update your phone to make it work smoothly.

  • Is it necessary to update my apps?

Yes, it is necessary to keep the updated versions of the apps you use. Just like every software update in your phone renews it, the updates in the apps will help you optimize its usage. You can also set your apps to auto-update from the Play Store on Android phones. This feature can be deactivated accordingly.

  • Do I need a VPN service if I already have an antivirus app installed on my phone?

You require a VPN service to encrypt your identity, location, and personal data from hackers and phishers. This cannot be done using an antivirus app. So, yes, you do require a VPN service when connected to public WiFi.

  • Are the free-of-cost antivirus apps not good?

This is a myth that free-of-cost apps are not good. There are some top-notch free-of-cost antivirus apps available on the Google Play Store. You can install one of your choices. Some of these free-of-cost apps also have subscription rates for additional services but you do not have to pay any money to install these on your phone.

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