Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – What We Know So Far

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be released on March 15th 2019. This is the second installment of the online P2P third-person shooter RPG. It was first launched by Ubisoft back in 2016. This version will feature an open-world setting with new enemies for the Strategic Homeland Division (aka The Division) as they attempt to achieve their goals. It is also set during the summer which gives the game a different look and feel.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is set seven months after events in the preceding title. Although Manhattan has seen a lot of order restored, Washington D.C. is now under threat from a new threat. The city finds itself in civil war with both the True Sons, who are paramilitary organizations led by an ex-member of the Joint Task Force. We can speculate that the Green Poison, or a related GM virus, was unleashed on the city. This would have the effect of causing chaos similar to what happened in Manhattan. The stakes this time are much higher, since Washington D.C. is both the US Government’s seat and the Division’s. Washington D.C. will fall if it does not.


The players will have the option to choose whether to play in a solo game or with 2-4 other players. Players can choose which missions they want to take on their own or in teams. This includes the ending game content. This does not apply for the Raid Mode which requires eight players.

The game’s basic structure is that players must reclaim their Control Point from the enemy. It appears that the Presidential Plane is the control point.

This game map was created to be as realistic and immersive as possible. It is based on the actual layout of Washington D.C. Although they did have some artistic license, the game map included more vegetation and natural-zones that are not found in Washington D.C. They have replaced Manhattan’s narrow streets with larger plains. This has resulted in increased vulnerabilities and enhanced perspective. Ubisoft also announced that the new map would be 20% larger than the one in previous games. This reflects a completely different gameplay experience and play style. The gameplay is highly dependent upon cover- and crouche-based combat.

Ubisoft will release DLC free to players in the future, which could include new side-missions or map expansions. Pre-orders of the game will open the Private Beta to select community members. A demo is planned for release on the Xbox One soon.

Players will have the ability to communicate with NPCs as they progress in their quest to complete side missions. The digital rendering of the city will be available to players. It will show all side and main missions sites open to them.

Both players and NPCs have the option to wear armor in order to improve their HP. The armor is likely to be destroyed and worn down over time as combat moves on, which will cause real damage to the characters.

A new feature is that as areas are reclaimed by enemy forces, new settlements will emerge. The settlements could then be used as secondary bases for the character. Additional bonuses include NPCs that can trade posts or complete side quests.

Ubisoft has also hinted at the fact that players will have enough options and options in the game that they’ll want to play it again to see the specializations and options that were not available during the first run. You can choose from one of the three main weapons: the crossbow, grenade launcher or 50-caliber rifle-sniper. Raid Mode is only available to players who have reached the endgame. A PvP mode will be available, just like The Division 1. However, the details are still to be revealed.

Character Customizations

The introduction of skill trees and specializations to make characters more customizable will allow them to be even more personal. Once the level 30 limit is met, they will become unlocked. They are interoperable, so progression in any one skill-tree will not affect the ability to progress in another. The three specializations include Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. These specializations have their own weapon, skills and talents. We have seen some indications that the initial characters will be available for male and female characters with different ethnicities.

Unlockable Content Weapons, Skins, and Other Unlockable

Six main weapons slots will be available, with three more unlockable as characters level up. You can also unlock side-slots to access smaller items. You can unlock weapon slots and mods by finishing missions. They will not be available through loot drops. All weapons have both positive and negative statistics, which allows for more balanced play regardless of the play style. These weapons can be used to apply to any weapon and they cannot be lost. Players will still be able to get ammunition as loot, but they’ll need to track their inventory and think about the guns and how many shots they fire.

Quests will unlock skins to equip and weapon equipment. These can then be selected on a weapon by weapon basis. The ability to customize their characters will give players greater creative control.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will also introduce shields to this game. They are given out after completing specific missions. Each month, new missions will be released with associated shields. Every shield unlocks exclusive content like weapons, gear sets and Cypher Keys.

There will be new features and skills, including a support drone, that can be used to collect intelligence or launch long-range strikes. The drones can also be controlled remotely. This could allow players to be on two sides at once. However, the precise uses of this drone are still unknown.

Standard Edition and Other Editions

Six edition options are available to players. No matter which game version they have, all new DLC is available. Only the extra content included in the pack will differ.

These extra contents vary from one pack to the next, but will most likely include the base game. The Capitol Defender and Private Beta will be available to pre-orders. Additional content may include 3 day early access, Year 1 and a custom figurine of a field agent. A World Map and an Art Book are also available. You can find all details on the Ubisoft Store Page.



Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a shooter RPG with campaign, co-op, and PvP modes that offers more variety in missions and challenges, new progression systems with unique twists and surprises, and fresh innovations that offer new ways to play.

around 82½ Hours

The next major title update for The Division 2 has been delayed, Ubisoft has announced. The team at Malmö-based Ubisoft Massive confirmed that the new upcoming game mode and big endgame changes are now being planned for a February 2022 rollout.27-Oct-2021

While The Division 3 has yet to be announced, it’s likely inevitable, assuming The Division Heartland, an upcoming spin-off, doesn’t perform so poorly it kills off the series. That said, when and if Division 3 does release, it will be missing a major player from the first two games.15-Mar-2022

‘The Division 2’ Is Getting Year 3 Content After All, A Surprise Reversal.13-Feb-2021

In 2021, Ubisoft, or rather the developer team at Massive, promised new content for The Division 2, including a brand new, never before seen game mode.04-Feb-2022


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be released on March 15th 2019. This is the second installment of the online P2P third-person shooter RPG. It was first launched by Ubisoft back in 2016. This version will feature an open-world setting with new enemies for the Strategic Homeland Division (

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