Tom Hiddleston calls himself a “temporary torchbearer” for Loki

In a 2021 Q&A, Tom Hiddleston said he would “definitely” play Loki for the rest of his life. The actor has been playing the Norse god of mischief since 2011 Thor, and recently got its own Disney+ series. Moreover, Loki is so far the alone The Marvel show on Disney+ that we know is coming back for a second season, so it looks like Marvel will want to keep it for a while too.

That said, Marvel is always changing and equipping itself with possible outs. Steve Rogers may be gone, but Sam Wilson is now the new Captain America. Iron Man is dead, but Ironheart debuts in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever later this year. And it may eventually be time for a new Loki. And given the events of Lokiwith the title character encountering dozens of alternate universe versions of himself, something may already be in the works.

That may have been in Hiddleston’s mind when he spoke to him… Variety about the part. “It’s a great role,” he said. ‘It is an archetype, the trickster god, the agent of chaos. I’m just here to interpret that for now. Loki has been here for ages and will be here for ages and I’m just stepping into that silhouette for now.”

Loki has a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Loki introduced many Loki variants, including a female version called Slyvie, played by Sophia Di Martino. There was also the old Loki, the boy Loki, President Loki and of course Alligator Loki, who stole the show. Any of these, preferably the alligator, could sooner or later become the new “main” Loki.

Marvel plays the long game well, but you can still watch them play. Between the introduction of Kate Bishop in hawk eye and Wanda’s kids in WandaVision, it looks like they’re working on a Young Avengers movie or TV show sometime in the future. Loki could be a part of that, but whether Tom Hiddleston still plays the character when it does is an open question.

But he comes back in Loki season 2. We don’t have a premiere date for it yet.

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