Tom Simons Involved By Kids

The platform, which allows teenage video game actors to make millions, has been rocked by a scandal.

At a railway station, Tom Simons was suddenly engulfed by a mob of exuberant schoolchildren. The majority of them were not much older than the 17-year-old video game streamer.

They screamed, fist-pumped, and took pictures. They’d met their hero for the first time. “I hope none of you have Covid!” Simons, aka TommyInnit, exclaimed. Ranboo, another 17-year-old streamer, added, “There are so many of them!”

Simons, a Nottinghamshire native, and Ranboo, a Californian, are both millionaires. They have millions of followers, as well as endorsement partnerships and retail lines.

They’re two of Twitch’s biggest stars, live streaming themselves playing video games, cracking jokes, and raking in subscriptions and tips from their adoring fans.

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