Trainwrecks Accuses TikTok

Tyler Faraz, “Trainwrecks”, Niknam is well-known for high-stakes gaming. Recently, he joined an elite group of streamers to criticize TikTok’s allowing stolen content on its platform. He also poked fun at China during the course of his criticisms.

Trainwreck’s controversial and divisive views are well-known. EA was criticized by Trainwreck for his hypocrisy a few weeks back. He was banned from participating in tournaments because he supported gambling on Twitch.

Watford FC, an English Premier League team, has signed a multiyear sponsorship agreement with for July 2021. Trainwrecks thinks that FIFA 22 should also remove the jersey sponsor.

Train also took revenge against an artist who claimed he didn’t pay after receiving his finished product. Train continued to offer proof and his trademark rant.

Trainwreck’s live streaming comments and statements have prompted a lot controversy in the past. However, other creators seem to be following his lead, which angered him, and led him to take to Twitter to vent.

MasterChef, a cooking contest that stars Gordan Ramsay as well as top chefs, is very popular. Trainwreck refers to it in this tweet. Gordan Ramsay’s blunt speech is well-known. Trainwreck charges those who view the series are directed at him.

Trainwrecktv may be targeting xQc who is a fan of MasterChef. xQc was a target of social media and Twitch and has since been banned.

Twitch is in turmoil right now, and Twitch has warned and banned streamers and creators of content. This streamer exposes the hypocrisy of the streamers and makes it clear that the bans are inconsistent.

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