Trainwrecks and Xposed Swap slots

Twitch streamers Both were well-known and switched to betting on sports from slots machines. One won big in English soccer, while the other lost big on the NHL.

Trainwreck gambled on survival teams in the English Premier League on Thursday. Trainwreck shared his win on Twitter and he walked away with nearly $2.7million.

Trainwreck is Tyler Niknam’s real name. He bet nearly $80,000 on Everton beating Crystal Palace (+1.87) and Chelsea drawing with Leicester City (+5.20), while Aston Villa drew with Burnley (+3.55). This total made for +34.52 odds.

Trainwreck’s Twitcher Xposed, on the other hand, had a totally different experience. The Canadian gambler who beat Tampa Bay Lightning (+1.80), in Game 7, of the NHL Eastern Conference quarterfinal series, could win $1.4million.

Unfortunately, for Xposed the Lightning had another idea, and defeated the Maple Leafs 2-1, leaving Twitcher Cody Burnett in a $779.897 hole.

Trainwreck was not for the weak of heart. This is especially after Everton’s amazing comeback against Crystal Palace.

Everton lost 0-2 at the end of 54 minutes of regular time. Everton supporters, however, felt bloody and started urging their players to win after an Everton goalkeeper scored. To secure their EPL status, the Toffees scored two more goals.

The betting win has cemented Trainwreck’s legacy. He became the most successful roulette player by winning $1.65million on his first spin, and $2.1million on the second.

The contrast with Xposed is unparalleled. The Canadian tweets about losing his hugely winning NHL bet.

After gambling nearly $850,000 within 40 minutes, Xposed caused a major meltdown on Twitch. The Canadian displayed clear signs of his problem gambling when he threw his chair at the camera.


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