Trainwrecks Reveals How Much Money He Has Given Away

Twitch streamer Trainwreck is known for his sponsored gambling streams. Recently, he has revealed the total amount of money he’s given away since 2005.

Gambling streams are currently one of Twitch’s hottest topics, with popular streamer xQc embroiled in yet another feud with his fans over his return to gambling.

Trainwreck, real name Tyler Niknam, revealed over the weekend that since starting his gambling career in 2005, he has donated $10 million (£7.95 million) to fans, charities, and other causes. He is known for his increasingly long, high-risk gambling streaks, which net him millions per day regardless of whether he wins or loses.

This is due to his contract with Stake, an online betting site currently embroiled in controversy for allegedly paying streamers, including xQc, so that they aren’t gambling with their own money in many cases.

Trainwreck’s donations have been known to break Twitch, with 27,000 people attempting to get a piece of the pie when he gave away $1 million (£0.79 million) last year. In addition, he has established his own $250,000 (£199,000) mental health fund to assist viewers.

Trainwreck has also donated life-changing sums of money to small-time Twitch streamers, including $120,000 in bitcoin to streamer Jake’n’Bake last year to help him buy his dream car.

Despite spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in each stream, Trainwreck is able to make his donations because he is hoping for another large payment and the resulting adrenaline rush. His regular streams emphasize that viewers should not gamble for themselves, with stories of how much money he’s lost over the years usually following his openness about his addiction.

He claimed to be $12 million (£9.5 million) in debt as of January, which is still a lot less than the $22 million (£17.5 million) he was in prior to this.

It’s debatable whether he’s still that low, given that he’s now making ‘far more’ than the $1 million a month deal he had with Stake this time last year.

Another streamer, Mizkif, said he was offered $35,000 per hour to gamble in now-deleted clips from a stream last year.

Since its inception, xQc has claimed that his referral code has generated $119 million (£94.5 million) in bets.


Twitch streamer TrainWreck revealed on Thursday that he is making “much more” than $1M USD a month off his deal with, the gambling site where he spends most of his streams playing high stakes casino games. The comment came in response to a user who claimed he is make $1M USD a month.03-Feb-2022

Streamer pseudonym: TrainwrecksTV
———————- —————————-
Biggest win: $22.5 million in Might of Ra
Biggest multiplier: x22,500 in Might of Ra
Trainwrecks net worth: >> 18 million dollars
TrainwrecksTV Casino: Stake

“I’m making much more”: Trainwreck reveals his $1 million per month deal from bitcoin casino Stake has changed. Tyler Faraz “Trainwreckstv” Niknam (referred to as Trainwreck) recently revealed that his original deal of $1 million a month with Stake has gone up by a lot, leading fans to speculate on the amount.03-Feb-2022

Trainwreckstv currently earns money from sponsorships, Twitch subscribers and donations, YouTube revenue and his podcast “Scuffed Podcast.” As of late, he has been heavily promoting gambling websites, which are bound to pay large amounts of money.

Roshtein Profile
Biggest Multiplier:
Net Worth:

From YouTube, GeorgeNotFound is expected to earn around $100-150k every month, which should form a bulk of his overall earnings. He also has more than 10k subscribers on Twitch currently and recently registered his highest ever subscriber count of 22.7k subscribers in April 2021.

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