TSM FTX Signs Nokokopuffs

Nokokopuffs, an Apex Legends Twitch streamer, has joined TSM as a content creator, he announced earlier today. Noko, or Koko as he’s known among his fans, has been streaming for six years and has over 280,000 Twitch followers.

Noko is recognized for his high intensity and top-tier skill on stream, where he plays ranked Apex at the predator level. Noko isn’t scared to talk about game modifications and bug fixes he’d want to see off-stream, and he’s not afraid to meme about it.

Noko waited an hour on stream before revealing the organization with which he had signed. “I’m going to let the video speak for itself, love you guys,” he stated on his Twitch channel as he aired the official announcement video.

Noko changed into full TSM garb shortly after the announcement, and his chat went crazy with people subscribing and gifting subs. Noko was even given 100 subs by a viewer.

“I’m not on their roster, but I’m still playing competitively,” Noko said of his TSM contract. Noko was previously affiliated with CLG until July 2020.

NRG’s Lululovely, Cloud9’s PVPX, TSM’s Daltoosh, 100 Thieves’ NiceWigg, FaZe’s Kalei, and TSM’s Tannerslays were among the Apex Twitch streamers and pro players who congratulated Noko on joining TSM on Twitter.


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