Tubbo Banned From His Twitch Chat

One of the most popular Minecraft streamers Tubbo has been mysteriously banned from his own Twitch channel’s chat.

Tobias Smith aka Tubbo is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his Minecraft collaborations. He is a member of the Minecraft server Dream SMP together with other big Minecraft content creators such as Dream, Tommyinnit, and more. Tubbo has now gained more than 4 million followers within a span of one year.

He is a pro at playing Minecraft and has got a loyal fan base. During his most recent cooking live stream alongside his friends and fellow Minecraft streamers Ranboo and 5up, he found out that he has been mysteriously banned from his own Twitch channel chat leaving the streamers completely shocked. While doing a cooking stream engaging with their tens of thousands of viewers in chat, he looked at his phone and noticed that he just got banned from his own twitch chat.

Confused, he exclaimed; “Wait, what? I just got banned from my own Twitch chat. ‘You are banned from chat. You are unable to participate unless a moderator unbans you’”. It is not entirely clear how Tubbo being banned from his own chat is even possible. The owner of a channel is surely the one person who could not under any circumstance be banned from their own chat.

However, there is one possible explanation for this and that it might be a Twitch staff member, of which there were some watching at the time, has the power to ban Tubbo from his chat. Fortunately, Tubbo has been unbanned from his twitch chat shortly after meaning he was able to participate in chat again.


On bot accounts: While we welcome bots that add new features to Twitch chat and Whispers, bot accounts that spam unwanted messages will be banned indefinitely. Bots that exceed messaging rate limits will automatically be blocked from sending more messages.

Can You IP Ban Someone in Twitch? Yes. Since 2020, Twitch has implemented IP bans for streamers and their moderators. Once you report someone, the report will go through Twitch’s moderation team, which reviews it.18-Jan-2022

If you have been banned from chatting in a specific channel, you can request to be unbanned using the Unban Request feature, providing the channel owner has this option enabled.

Twitch bans in a channel can be permanent, or they may be temporary, depending on what the streamer and their mods decide. Streamers may also institute a cool down period which is a certain amount of time that must pass before a user may request to be unbanned.25-Mar-2022

one to 30 days

– Go to TwitchInsights website.
– Click the Other Insights drop-down menu.
– Select Check User Status.
– Type in the nickname or ID of the user you want to check.


Tobias Smith “Tubbo” a popular Twitch streamer’s account was banned from his own live chat. One of the most common causes for a ban is bot accounts, which constantly spam the chat with irrelevant messages. It is unclear why Tubbo was banned, but it may be due to his

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