Twitch Co-Founder’s Investment

AcadArena is a Philippine-based platform for college gaming. It raised an unspecified amount through a preseed round led by iterative, a startup accelerator.

The round was attended by Kevin Lin, Twitch’s co-founder, as well as executives from Magic PayMongo and Lazada.

AcadArena plans to use these funds to grow its existing initiatives as well as expand its digital platform in order to include additional features for campus gaming across Southeast Asia.

Justin Banusing and Ariane Lim (who previously managed the Garena Philippine collegiate program) created the foundation in 2019. AcadArena is a platform that allows students and schools in the Philippines to participate in tournaments at collegiate level. It also helps brands connect with their student audience.

Lim said that AcadArena’s creations are exactly what students hoped for. Riot Games and Garena publishers have authorized this company to partner with Globe Telecom, the Philippine telecoms giant. Twitch makes it a partner in regional college gaming.

AcadArena says that it is used in over 300 schools across the Philippines. This allows it to reach more than 100,000 students every year.

Yield Guild Games is a Philippines-based, blockchain-powered gaming company that sold 25,000,000 of its native YGG crypto tokens in just 31 seconds. This demonstrates the growing interest in gaming in the Philippines.

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