Twitch Gambling and XQc Shared Clips

Despite criticizing streamers who do it, popular twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc called out hypocrites who he believes are sharing and upvoting clips from Twitch gambling streams on social media.

This year 2021, Twitch gambling streams have been a hot topic alongside with other twitch meta such as Hot tub and ASMR meta. Streamers such as Asmongold, Hasan, Ethan Klein, and Pokimane, as well as Trainwrecks and xQc, have all contributed their two cents. And the conversation even convinced xQc to quit gambling eventually. 

Gambling streams have been criticized by many people, not just streamers. It’s been done by viewers and fans as well. Since then, xQc has stopped doing it. But it didn’t sit right with him when he saw people uploading and upvoting clips from gambling streams on /r/livestreamfail. He referred to them as a group of hypocrites.

He discussed this during his most recent live broadcast as he stated; “I thought gambling was disgusting and nobody should ever do it. But people o

n LSF are uploading clips from gambling streams. Hypocrite much?” 

xQc also went on to explain that at one point in time, people on the subreddit were saying that gambling should not be considered content, can never be content, is never funny, and is never good” — but now it’s being upvoted. This has led him to question; “What happened?”

The subreddit he’s referring to, LivestreamFail, isn’t the only one to have criticized him in the past for gambling streams. On SubredditDrama, a post about him became viral. More than 1,000 people commented on the thread, which received 10,000 votes. xQc didn’t let it stop him from taking a swipe.

It’s also worth noting that, while Twitch has placed limits on gambling streams by prohibiting referral codes, the streams themselves are still legal.


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