Twitch Presents New Incentive Program

Twitch has announced a new Ads Incentive Program that allows creators to place ads in their streams in exchange for a monthly payout that is predictable and flat.

Twitch recently announced a new creator incentive program called Ads Incentive Program in a blog post (AIP). The program will generate new revenue from ads that select partners can now place within their content for a set period of time in exchange for a fixed payment.

For example, in exchange for a $100 payment, creators who agree to follow the program can stream for 40 hours per month and run two minutes of ads per hour.

The select group of participating streamers can take advantage of the new opportunity by going to their Ads Manager dashboard and accepting incentive offers. Accepting an offer obligates the streamer to follow the program’s terms and conditions.

If streamers choose to opt out of the program, Twitch will calculate a prorated payment for the hours they have already streamed before signing out and issuing the proportionate payout.

They will be able to redeem their payment at the end of each month if they choose to stay with the program.

Twitch hopes that by launching the initiative, streamers will be able to rely on a more predictable income from their work on the platform, allowing them to focus more on content creation rather than ad management.

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