Twitch Reverses Narcissawright Permaban

Despite threatening to shoot people at Twitch’s headquarters, famous speedrunner and Twitch streamer Narcissawright, formerly known as CosmoWright, has had her permaban lifted.

Narcissawright is one of the most well-known speedrunners on the internet, best known for her legendary Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time records, in which she beat the Nintendo 64 game in under a minute.

She was, however, permanently banned from Twitch on March 21st for violating the site’s nudity and sexual content policies. This prompted her to post a tweet threatening to kill herself and shoot people at Twitch’s headquarters.

Despite the threat and the permaban, the streamer’s punishment was unexpectedly reversed just over a week later.

On March 29th, Narcissa revealed that Twitch had reversed its decision to ban her permanently, instead imposing a 22-day suspension. Twitch also stated that the ban would last for 22 days after it was issued, but that attempting to circumvent the suspension would result in additional penalties.

During her suspension, Narcissa shared a photo of her email inbox, revealing that she had two more Twitch accounts that had been suspended indefinitely, implying that she had attempted to circumvent the ban.

The speedrunner claimed that her threat of shooting was “not credible” and that she didn’t own any weapons to begin with.

Despite this, the streamer expresses gratitude to Twitch for hearing her appeal and significantly reducing the length of her ban. However, it is unclear whether she will face additional punishment for evading the ban.

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