Twitch Silent Reading Category

Twitch released its “Silent Reading” category as one of their April Fools Day releases. It featured people silently streaming books and sharing them with the platform.

This illustration was taken in Paris on July 24, 2019, and shows the Twitch logo app on a tablet.

According To The Loadout Twitch has added categories like Just Chatting Literally, Chores and Silent Reading to its platform. This was just in time for April Fools.

Twitch announced its April Fools category on Twitter. It said it was “excited” about launching five new categories that users can watch or stream from.

One of them is Twitch’s silent reading category. Streamers stream literary works while watching live on Twitch, and don’t say anything.

According to a PC Gamer report, a Twitch user streamed for over an hour a video in the silent reading category.

Merry Kish is a Twitch streamer who was holding a book and sat in a plush seat in “Just Readin”.

Twitch’s silent reading category saw more than 2000 people watch a streamer read through a book. The same report states that the live stream “Just Readin”, received more than 2,000 viewers. As of writing this, however, the one-hour-long video of Twitch users reading books has received over 55,000 hits.

She was silently reading through the hardbound book. However, other Twitch users could only send her emojis and she would respond.

There were also other categories for April Fools Twitch with lots of streams.

A new Twitch category, Pizza Time is a demonstration by PizzaPrincessG of her ability to make pizzas from scratch at her New York location.

In a photo taken at Tokyo Game Show, September 21st 2018, you can see the logo of Twitch. However, streams under the Odd Jobs and Errands section are not following Twitch’s original plans. Originally they were meant to allow users to stream routine tasks. Some people use it instead to stream games.

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