Twitch Soundtrack Available

Twitch appears to be continuing to improve the ways in which creators can deliver music to their audiences.

Though DMCA issues used to be a problem for streamers, the platform’s creators have improved their ability to avoid them. A better way to stream video and music is always welcome, even if it is no longer in the spotlight.

Twitch’s response to this was the launch of Soundtrack, a copyright-cleared music streaming service. It used to be that users had to download and run it, but now it can be accessible using a web browser.

Users will still need to take precautions to ensure that the audio does not get up in their saved VODs. This is the initial message users see when they visit the site. They must decide whether they will use a virtual multi-track audio system or disable VODs on their channel.

Soundtrack users will be familiar with the online experience, which is very similar to the app. It’s similar to Spotify’s web player for those who haven’t tried it yet.

Soundtrack’s catalog has a diverse range of music from many genres. Twitch also features curated playlists with various themes that might be the perfect accompaniment to your streams.

Windows users can now enjoy Soundtrack via the new online player or the conventional method of downloading the software from Twitch. For present, the web player is the sole option for Mac users.

Take advantage of Soundtrack for free today if you’re a Twitch streamer looking for music without risking violating the DMCA.

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