Twitch Source Code Exposed & Data Breach

A popular streaming platform owned by Amazon called Twitch recently revealed that the data breach last week included documents from its source code, users’ passwords, login credentials, full credit card numbers, and bank information that were not accessed or exposed as a result of the breach. The said breach was blamed on an error in the server configuration change by the platform, which is used by video gamers for interacting with users while live streaming content.

During server maintenance, changes to the server configuration are made. Unauthorized access to data stored on servers can be made possible by a faulty configuration. Twitch stated that it was “confident” in its decision that the incident only impacted a small number of users, and that it was in the process of contacting those who were directly affected.

According to Video Games Chronicle, the breach exposed about 125 gigabytes of data, including information on Twitch’s highest-paid video game streamers since 2019, including a $9.6 million (roughly Rs 72 crores) payout to the voice actors of the popular game “Dungeons & Dragons and that xQc received $8.4 million (roughly Rs 63 crores).

Also, according to a cyber security expert named Kevin Beaumont, the Twitch leak is real, and that it includes a significant amount of personal data of its users.

Twitch, an online e-sports, and live streaming platform with over 30 million daily visitors have grown in popularity among musicians and video gamers as a place to interact with fans while live streaming content.

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