Twitch Streamer Arcadum Drops His Talent Agency After Being Accused of Grooming

Twitch streamer who’s known for being the Dungeons and Dragon’s dungeon master, Jeremy Black aka GloriousArcadum or simply Arcadum has been accused of grooming, manipulation, emotional abuse, and sexual assault leading him to get dropped off his talent agency.

Arcadum is a popular streamer and professional Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master with over 269,000 followers on Twitch. He is popular for his D&D storylines on Twitch but he has now found himself in hot water. Arcadum has recently been accused of grooming and emotionally manipulating multiple women over the past year.

Many women came out with the statements as they explained their experience with Arcadum, alleging that he had used his position of power and their past traumas to manipulate women into providing sympathy and sexual comforts.

Fellow twitch streamer that goes by the name Momo was among the first women to post public accusations against Arcadum. Momo posted her statement on a twitlonger post writing; “I am doing this to save future women that could have the possibility of being manipulated by him. I am doing this in an attempt to inform people of his dedication to grooming the people in his life.”

Momo shared their account of being groomed and manipulated by Arcadum. According to Momo, Arcadum groomed them by manipulating their perception of their friends and other people. Several other streamers and members of of Arcadum’s community have also started to step forward to share their personal accounts with Twitch streamer Arcadum and this includes VTubers/streamers Lyra121, Cri, NaomiOop, SummerSalt, Rediculous, UzuriMia, Kelli Siren, and Folkona.

Eventually, Arcadum responded via twitter post where he announced that he would address the claims in a stream tomorrow, writing; “I will be addressing the events tomorrow on stream. Right now I am trying to find a place to set up so I can.”


D&D streamer Arcadum sparks backlash by returning to Twitch after abuse allegations. Just six weeks after Dungeons & Dragons Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘GloriousArcadum’ Black was accused of sexual and emotional abuse, he has made his return to Twitch.13-Oct-2021

Arcadum is a Twitch streamer, roleplayer and professional dungeon master for Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). He used to run games on his channel multiple times every week as well as managing The Living World of Verum.

Dungeons and Dragons streamer Arcadum, real name Jeremy Black, is expected to publicly respond to the allegations from at least 10 women today.

Twitch streamer Arcadum has been accused of sexual harassment by several members of his community. Over 21 Twitlonger statements have been released in the past week from former collaborators. The streamer responded in his own statement that he “never engaged in nonconsensual activity.”03-Sept-2021

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