Twitch Streamer Choked Out

Late last night, a Twitch streamer was assaulted while streaming live from Amsterdam. Outdoor IRL guy, also known as Reydempto, is an American who has lived in Amsterdam since 2009. He began streaming with the intention of learning more about Amsterdam, Dutch culture, and practicing the local dialect before applying for citizenship in 2024, according to his Twitch profile.

Reydempto was walking around downtown Amsterdam with a selfie stick last night, as he does frequently. After remarking on how he feels completely safe thanks to the abundance of police stations, he is approached by an inebriated man who appears to be offended by the Twitch streamer’s presence.

The screen goes black after that as Reydempto appears to drop the selfie stick. Only Dexerto and subsequent streams on Reydempto’s Twitch channel reveal that he survived the encounter unscathed.

Reydempto was able to get help and report the assault to the local authorities thanks to the nearby police stations. The recording of Reydempto, which captured significant details of the assailant, such as height, facial features, and the Italian flag on his jacket, has provided cops with plenty of evidence.

Following the encounter, Reydempto appears shaken but in good spirits. Let’s hope the local cops are able to apprehend this criminal.

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