Twitch Streamer Vylerria Speaks Out About Assault Experience

In a recent Twitter post, a Twitch streamer that goes by the name Jadey Anh or Vylerria on Twitch has spoken out about her recent assault experience that she recently went through.

Vylerria is a streamer on Twitch gaining more than 300k followers on her twitch channel where she usually streams under the Just Chatting content talking to her viewers. Aside from this, she also plays a variety of games on the platform including Overwatch, League of Legends, Sims 4, GTA V, and Minecraft. She also has a YouTube channel where she currently has 17k subscribers.

However, her last youtube video upload came around 4 months ago. Now, in her August 21st Twitter post, she talks about a recent assault experience that she went through and shares it with her fans. She claimed that it was only recently that she got assaulted by a guy. She said that the guy grabbed her, however, the guy seemingly came up with an excuse as he claimed his innocence due to him being not-straight.

Vylerria claimed that she was extremely upset about the situation. Her Twitter post has received a range of her fans together with some content creators, supporting her and agreeing that the incident was not acceptable. Most people called for the person in question to pay for his mistake. Vylerria has not streamed on Twitch for six days. Coupled with that, she hasn’t been active on her YouTube channel for four months. Vylerria seemed genuinely concerned about the encounter, and claimed that she “hates the world.”



In a recent Twitter post, streamer who goes by the name of Vylerria was assaulted and posted her story. In her tweet she says that she had never been assaulted before but it happened recently and is not okay. She says that the guy grabbed her and claimed his innocence due to him

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