Twitch Streaming Duo TheSerfs Are Banned

Twitch, an Amazon-owned game streaming platform, was recently hacked, and a lot of data was leaked online as a result.

An unidentified hacker packed Twitch streamer income, the code base for the desktop and console applications, SDKs, and much more into a 125GB torrent that was placed online and made available for download.

Many broadcasters have discussed the information since the breach, with some even bringing up the “do not ban” list and “strike tips” that were included in the leak.

Twitch has evidently taken exception to this and has been suspending streamers for discussing private information. 

TheSerfs, a Twitch streaming duo, appear to be the latest to be hit with the ban hammer, with their account suspended for 30 days.

Although there has been no official confirmation from Twitch, the general opinion is that they were suspended for discussing the leaked streamer money. The duo intends to file an appeal against the prohibition.

Destiny, another Twitch streamer, was banned for seven days after discussing the “do no ban” list that the service’s employees are given as rules. Before his account was hacked, Destiny was also accused of distributing a slew of employee emails.

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