Twitch Teams Up With GroupM

The interactive live streaming platform Twitch has teamed up with media agency GroupM to provide brands and advertisers in Asia Pacific with unique insights into Twitch’s diverse audiences. Twitch claims that this is the first time it has collaborated with an agency network in Asia Pacific. Clients of GroupM will benefit from insights on Twitch audiences in the region who stream Alpha, Beta, and Early Access games, as well as access to Twitch’s connected TV inventory, as part of the year-long partnership. Clients of GroupM will also have access to Twitch’s solutions, which include a full range of services from concept to execution.

At the same time, Twitch and GroupM will collaborate on a playbook that will be released this year to help FMCG advertisers target gaming audiences across Asia Pacific. GroupM will gain access to in-depth streaming knowledge and tools as a result of the partnership, which will benefit brands. GroupM has declined to comment on the partnership’s monetary value or expected returns on investment.

GroupM’s razor focus on high-quality engagement for brands, according to Sunil Yadav, Twitch’s head of agency development, makes it an ideal partner for the platform. “GroupM is confident that it will be able to deliver strong consumer experiences with its insights, thanks to Twitch’s unique advertising solutions to help brands build closer relationships with consumers and co-create shared live experiences,” he added.

John Miskelly, GroupM’s APAC investment director, agrees with him, saying that APAC is made up of vibrant communities, particularly gaming communities, and Twitch remains the leading service for cultivating today’s most sought-after audiences. 

Last year, Twitch streamed live a two-hour virtual live event encompassing its values across key APAC markets. Twitch claims that the live component of its service adds an additional level of immersion and interactivity to the stream. Twitch was even shortlisted as a finalist for Best Use of Virtual Platforms at MARKETING-PR INTERACTIVE’s Awards 2021, with over 800 live views and over 600 interactions.


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