Twitch Testing New Boost Feature

Twitch recently launched a limited number of experimental tools called Boost. Streamers can pay to boost their favourite streamer, which results in them receiving higher top-page recommendations.

Twitch stated that they would conduct a “Boost experiment” on Patch Notes Episode 5, which will air September 30, 2021. Jacob Rosok, Twitch’s Product Manager explained in detail how the Boost function works.

The tool will be evaluated with a small group of broadcasters. It is based upon the success of Twitch’s Boost feature that allowed users to increase a stream’s quality using channel points. The new Boost feature allows viewers to increase a stream’s value with real money.

Jacob Rosok, Twitch’s Product Manager said that community members have the option to pay for Boosts as large as they want. Every community member’s purchase adds more recommendations to creators. Twitch will notify the people who purchased the item and display the number of recommendations that they have.

This “pay-to win” system has not impressed the community, as some have called it.

Devin Nash tweets that top page recommendations do not always translate to viewers. This means community members might be paying for nothing but their favourite streamer.

Negaoryx claims that Twitch’s suggestions are often dominated by male streamers, and channels with thousands of users. These channels will receive Boosts due to their huge audience. Twitch’s recommendations will continue to be on the top page. Because they don’t have the viewers to pay for this Boost, smaller channels that are growing faster will be at a disadvantage.

There is clearly a lot to do if Twitch wants to expand this Boost feature on the whole platform, and satisfy content creators.

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