Twitch To Combat Hate Raids

Twitch seems to have new chat options in place for streamers to counter the rise in hate raids.

According to Zach Bussey (thanks Kotaku), creators will soon have the ability to control how much verification is required to chat in streams. These screenshots were taken by Zach Bussey who is a streamer journalist and DraconTV streamer.

You can customize these options to make it easier for you. For example, you could do a blanket verification of all chatters, adjust the verification requirements depending on age and length of follow-up, as well as whether they are chatting with someone first. All subscribers, VIPs and moderators can be exempted.

These potential changes are due to a recent rise in hate attacks, organized attacks targeted mainly at minor streamers. Bots flood streamer chat rooms with racial and sexist epithets. Chat filters are able to mitigate some of this, but it is still very easy for bots.

Out of hate attacks and the initial slow response by the platform, #ADayOffTwitch was created. Many creators stopped streaming on September 1. Twitch experienced a drop in viewers that day due to the efforts of both smaller streamers as well as household names such HasanAbi or Kaceytron. The platform later filed a lawsuit against CruzzControl, and CreatineOverdose who were thought to have been European-based hate raiders.

Mobile verification was popular during raids and streamers, so it wasn’t surprising that many people are considering it. Limmy described these potential changes as “very good”, while Cohh Cartnage called them “solid options to have more control over our conversations span>

This does not mean that all new options will work. It can be difficult to strike a balance between privacy and streamer security, so phone verification is something that many people are reluctant to share online. Michele Boyd and others believe Twitch is continuing to place the responsibility on streamers to safeguard themselves against abuse.

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