Twitch Tools To Track Viewer Numbers

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a competent streamer. You can aid yourself by using some tools that will make things easier. You can also watch what the most prominent streamers do in their livestreams by following them. And you’ll have to look at the Twitch data to see who’s on top of the leaderboard.

A popular streaming platform Twitch allows you to stream and track your number of followers and visits. However, you’ll need outside assistance to learn about your competitors’ data. How many people come to watch the best streamers? What’s your track record? What are the most popular games among streamers? What channels have seen the most recent growth?

With the use of statistical data offered by services like TwitchTracker, you can answer these and other questions regarding Twitch and streams. They are completely free, and you can consult them at any time.


We’ll start with TwitchTracker, a portal reference. A collection of Twitch facts and statistics that will help you figure out who is in charge on the streaming platform and which channels you should watch to keep current.

What kind of information does it provide? The most popular streamers, the most popular videos of the day, the most popular Twitch games right now, the channels with the greatest recent growth in followers… You’ll also be aware of current figures, and you’ll be able to search for games or streamers to learn more about them statistically.

Another fascinating feature of TwitchTracker is the ability to view statistics by language. So you can watch whether streamers succeed in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, for example.

Social Blade

Social Blade is one of the most useful tools for following your Twitch idols. It also includes data from Twitch as well as other social media sites and platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Dailymotion.

You can find out which streams dominate the first squares, which games they’ve recently commented on, their views and followers, the most followed and most viewed streamers, and more on this web platform.

One of its most intriguing features is the ability to compare two or three Twitch channels’ stats side by side. A way to see who has the most followers, who has recently grown the most, and other useful metrics.


The helpful gnome Sully, SullyGnome, SullyGnome, SullyGnome, SullyGnom Twitch statistics are displayed for 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, 180, 365, and more days. One way to see how the finest streamers have progressed and if they have gained or fallen in rank. TwitchTracker can be used as a supplement or as a replacement.

You’ll also get twitch information like total viewing hours, average viewers, a list of the most watched channels and games, the fastest-growing channels, fashion games, and so on.

Another unique feature of SullyGnome is the ability to filter results by language, allowing you to learn about the world in English or the ecosystem in Spanish or another language.

And if you look at each streamer’s file, you’ll get detailed statistics about their streamers, games played, and what kind of live performances they’ve done recently in the form of a color chart.


Channel and game statistics on Twitch. TwitchMetrics displays the normal increasing channel listings as well as the most popular channels. Similar to TwitchTracker, but offers a wider range of information. The most popular games, such as Fortnite or Dead by Daylight, will also be displayed. That, as well as the most popular topics, such as the classic Just chatting, just chatting.

Live hours, language, when it was first viewed and when it was last streamed, if you have any ranking history, what topics have you spoken about in the previous week, who are some of your most notable fans, when do you normally live streamed, and so on.

Each channel’s or streamer’s file is quite detailed. Show all of the Twitch statistics you’ll ever need. What games have you discussed and when, as well as featured video clips, your most viewed streams, and a vast list of other things.

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