Twitch under Fire: Streamers Call for Firmer Action and Response

The hashtag #TwitchDoBetter trended recently and Twitch has come under increased scrutiny from its streamers and users who demand stronger action to stop harassment and ‘hate raids’.

The Twitch Terms of Service prohibit any hateful behavior on their platform. It also lists discriminatons based upon color, ethnicity and race. Unfortunately, bots and bigots still use the platform. Unknown users have created hundreds of accounts to harass marginalized streamers and send racist spam.

RekItRaven started the hashtag #TwitchDoBetter Twitter trend. Twitch acknowledged the issue and announced plans to address it again in the coming year.

Twitch’s statement regarding level ban evasion detection, and improvement in account verifications was made on Twitch’s part. Twitch did not respond to the request for clarification and this was the last time that they heard about the hateful issue.

As harassment escalated, users of the platform were not pleased. The streamers who were affected by the harassment continued to support one another, creating #SubOffTwitch as a hashtag in hopes that the platform will respond again. The streamers affected also created a petition under the twitter username @EndHateRaids.

Twitch has been under greater scrutiny since the streamers who were affected by hate raids didn’t hear anything other than the “plan”, which is unclear when it will be executed.

Twitch Support released new clip and VOD settings last August 18. Many people responded to the announcement, asking Twitch Support what their response was to hate raids. They also asked how they plan to defend its users from attacks by all streamers.

Twitch ignored the streamers who were affected and did not answer its questions. Social media users are in a tumult over the lack of actions from Twitch. They claim that it is not enough and must do better.

Hate raids on the platform are nothing new. This is a mass-produced hot act that spams homophobic and racist slurs at marginalized content creators, while streaming. It leads to them ruining their reputation and mood. They then end up just terminating their stream because of the hateful and verbal attacks.


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