Twitch’s Extensions

The popular streaming platform Twitch experienced its most serious data breach to date just a few days ago, on Oct. 8. The alleged payouts of a slew of well-known streamers on the platforms were among the mass of information made public.

A Twitch extension by Ottomated, a professional developer and content creator, allows you to see every streamer’s ranking on your Twitch dashboard. A chart listing the highest-paid to lowest-paid streamers quickly gained traction after word of the data breach spread online. You can now see each streamer’s ‘number’ next to their name.

Twitch personality and popular streamer Ludwig has used the extension on a few of his previous streams. Ludwig has not only been a frequent user of the new Twitch extension, but he has also created a new ‘game show’ in which he compares two content creators and guesses which has the higher alleged payout.

Twitch has already experienced another hacking incident that could be linked to the security breach. Twitch has been active in attempting to re-secure the platform’s security.

For the time being, the Twitch extension is still available, but it lacks an updating feature because the ranked list isn’t updated on a regular basis. The Twitch extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

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