Tygarlily Dresses Up

A streamer named Tygarlily, brings the New World MMORPG to life with a wonderfully made piece of in-game armor in anticipation of the game’s premiere.

Amazon’s New World MMO goes live today, September 28th, bringing supernatural fantasy to an open-world setting set in the mid-seventeenth century. Fans are recreating playable characters from New World’s Marauder, Syndicate, or Covenant factions, resulting in amazing cosplays.

Streamer and gaming presenter Tygarlily is one of them, having created her own magnificent recreation of New World’s Marauders. Her New World Marauder cosplay demonstrates why they’ll be a force to be reckoned with thanks to some outstanding foam smithing and painted detailing.

Tygarlily is no stranger to creating and painting intricate armor outfits for cosplays. She’s already built Magnamalo Armor from Monster Hunter and a tough-looking Ghost from Call of Duty: Warzone.

Tygarlily has merged her skull-crafting and armor-crafting skills for her New World Marauder cosplay. The degree of painted detail is amazing, from the gleaming breastplate to the little flourishes on her braces. Tygarlily transforms EVA foam and molded clay into realistic-looking metal through creative construction and precise painting.

She embellished the gauntlets and shin armor parts with skull-like and colonial-style flourishes in addition to the paint work. Although it appears to be decorative, it provides a layer of harshness and intimidation that is suited for the vicious Marauder.

Tygarlily also posts progress images of the entire making process to her Instagram account. She displays the various ingenious costume construction methods used to acquire the precise Marauder look, from sketching with ungainly foam to delicate spray-painting.

It’s a close look at how much resources and effort it takes to create something as spectacular as this, which just adds to the overall impact of the finished armor set. This New World Marauder cosplay is no exception to the rule that cosplay is a form of art.

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