Tygarlily Dresses Up

Tygarlily is a streamer who brings New World MMORPG alive with a piece of custom-made in-game armor. This comes in anticipation for the premiere.

Amazon’s New World MMO launches today (September 28th) and brings supernatural fantasy to an open world setting in the middle of the seventeenth century. Amazing cosplays are being created by fans who have recreated characters from New World’s Marauder or Syndicate factions.

Tygarlily, a streamer and game presenter is one of these people. She has created a stunning recreation of New World’s Marauders. The New World Marauder Cosplay shows why they will be an important force, thanks to outstanding foamsmithing and detailed painting.

Tygarlily has a knack for creating intricate cosplay costumes. Already, she’s built Magnamalo Armor for Monster Hunter as well as a strong-looking Ghost for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Tygarlily has combined her armor- and skull-crafting abilities for her New World Marauder costume. From her gleaming breastplates to the tiny flourishes on the braces, the level of detail painted is incredible. Tygarlily turns EVA foam, molded clay and metal into realistic-looking metal by creative construction and meticulous painting.

In addition to her paintwork, she embellished the gauntlets with colonial and skull-like flourishes. It is decorative but provides an element of brutality and intimidation, which makes it well-suited to the Marauder.

Tygarlily posts the progress photos of her entire process on her Instagram. You can see the many creative costume-building techniques she used, including sketching with thick foam and delicate spray painting.

This close-up shows how many resources and effort are required to make something like this. It just increases the impact of the final armor set. The New World Marauder’s cosplay proves that cosplay can be considered art.

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