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Tyler Steinkamp, AKA Tyler1span styling=”font weight: 400 ;”>’s Twitch Storyline is amazing. He was a constant source of controversy, and he rose up to be one the top streamers on Twitch.

Tyler1, who rose up to the top of his profession despite many bans and controversy, is well-known within the League of Legends community. Tyler1’s wild Draven play and rage made him an extremely popular player in League. However, he was later added to Riot’s “naughty” list. After a couple of scoldings from Riot, Tyler1 transformed into a “reformed” Twitch streamer. His professional background is remarkable. Tyler1 is the new face of League of Legends. You can find all the information you need about this reformed streamer here.

Tyler1 was well-known for his viral potential and toxic streams. This included video of Tyler1 shouting and playing games. To rehabilitate his brand and to rebuild it, he took a two year break from streaming League of Legends.

He was banned from Riot Games in 2016 for his toxic behaviour. In 2018, he returned with “THE RETURN” a stream. This stream featured his first League game and attracted a staggering 368,000 viewers. This Twitch record is

People tried to disrupt his calm by tilting him. Tyler1 kept his word and avoided unnecessary drama or toxicity. Since then, he’s been a well-known League of Legends content writer.

Tyler1 is likely Draven, Tyler1’s League of Legends Champion. Although he is most well-known for being a carry, he also has taken on other challenges.

Tyler1 had been long considered a one trick Draven. He significantly increased his champion pool after his controversial ban. He reached the challenger rank after playing over 660 games in his mid-lane role. Annie, who won 64 percent of her games as a mid laner, was his greatest champion.

Tyler1 was the first Twitch streamer who achieved the challenger rank for every role.

Challenger is the highest ranking player in League of Legends. Tyler1 set a League record by multiplely reaching higher ranks.

Although Tyler1 is known for his climbs on League’s ladders, achieving the highest rank in all of his roles is an incredible feat. Riot Games sent Tyler1 a Challenger Plaque to recognize his achievement and felicitated him for his remarkable feat.

Tyler1 is Twitch’s 2nd most-followed League channel with 5,000,000 followers by 2022.

His social media followers are also large on various platforms. These include 2.75 million YouTube subscribers, and more than 600,000. Twitter followers.

Tyler1 was conceived in Missouri on March 7, 1995.

While he started streaming back in 2013, his biggest breakthrough was made on Twitch in 2017. Over time, he’s become a dedicated League of Legends streamer. This is uncommon considering many LoL streamers have ceased streaming or changed to variety streams.


Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has taken aim at claims popular esports org T1 ended their streaming partnership due to “brand risks” and how the notoriously volatile Twitch star is perceived in the gaming community.02-Feb-2022

Real Name Tyler Steinkamp
———– ——————–
TOTAL VIEWS 265M(as of Feb 2022)

His stream gained media attention when he acted out a 45-minute action parody of his life in front of a green screen for April Fools’ Day in 2018 called “A Day in the Life of Tyler1”. He also continued to stream other games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

💡 Many full time streamers who earn comfortably from Twitch have a concurrent viewership of at least 500 and above. Some streamers have gone full time way below that number as well. They have the conviction that they will make it in streaming since they would already be on a fast growth trajectory.11-Oct-2021

Steinkamp originally became known in the League of Legends community for toxic behavior shown on his stream, which included personally attacking others and intentionally losing the game to the detriment of his teammates. This behavior eventually led to permanent bans on 22 unique accounts over several years.

Tyler1’s main champion in League of Legends is likely Draven. He is primarily known for his work in the carry role but has also taken on challenges related to other positions. Tyler1 was long considered a Draven one-trick.7 days ago

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