Valkyrae And Pokimane

After being asked by viewers to express their love for Pokimane, Rachell Hofstetter (aka Valkyrae) shares her thoughts on Pokimane.

Recently, the streaming community has been dealing with drama and controversies about streamers and what they post. Streamers are having a heated debate about whether the latest gambling drama involving xQc, Trainwrecks and Trainwrecks is true or the new meta trend that has emerged within the streaming community. Streamers have their disagreements and arguments all the time.

However, there is always the chance that some streamers and personalities take the time to praise their fellow streamers.

A viewer asked Valkyrae, a popular youtube personality and co-owner of 100 Thieves, her opinion on her friend and fellow streamer Pokimane. Valkyrae didn’t rush to answer the question, but took time to tell Pokimane how much she appreciates her friendship. She explained the reasons Pokimane is important to her, and for Twitch as a platform.

Valkyrae called Pokimane an innovator in the game industry. Further, she revealed that Pokimane is her younger sister because they were both born 4 years apart.

She said, “I believe she’s pioneering in the gaming industry and in space and I think that she’s an incredibly intelligent, incredibly beautiful and a businesswoman and a skilled queen…When I think about Poki, I actually think of her like a little brother.”

Valkyrae, Pokimane, and other female streamers lived previously in one house. However they decided to separate for various reasons. They still clearly love one another and are a close family, even though they have separated.


Valkyrae was 2020’s top female streamer, but Amouranth has now surpassed her, with Valkyrae lagging behind by 8.2 million watch hours.13-Feb-2022

Kaitlyn Michelle “Amouranth” Siragusa

What’s also interesting to note is that Valkyrae’s viewership figures are almost double of Imane “Pokimane” Anys, who has millions of more followers on Twitch as well as YouTube.

Since then, the duo has streamed together more than once, continuing to be two of the most popular women in the industry. From tense “Among Us” games to real-life hangouts, Valkyrae and Pokimane are true friends, but what do they have to say about each other when the other isn’t there?06-Jan-2022

1) Pokimane PokimanePokimaneThe name Pokimane is a portmanteau of Pokémon and her name, Imane. She gained 450,000 followers on Twitch in 2017, earning her account a place within the 100 most followed on the platform. As a result of her account’s rise on the platform in 2017, the Shorty Awards named her as the Best Twitch Streamer of the year. › wiki › PokimanePokimane – Wikipedia is arguably the most prominent female streamer at the moment, with over 7.4 million followers on the platform.20-Feb-2022


Valkyrae, a popular youtube personality and co-owner of 100 Thieves, said that Pokimane is an innovator in the gaming industry and a skilled queen. However, Valkyrae said that she’s her younger sister because they were born 4 years apart. She also revealed that

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