Valkyrae Emotionally Apologizes for Stream

Youtube streamer Rachell Hofstetter aka Valkyrae emotionally apologized on stream as she says that she made a mistake recently that cause to some of her fans to attack an unknown user.

Valkyrae is hailed as one of the top female streamers over the world. She signed with 100 Thieves back in 2018 and eventually after three years, she has become one of the co-owners of the massive organization. She already has gained a massive following on all of her social media including her youtube channel, however, with great fame comes great responsibility.

In a recent incident, Valkyrae shared how her simple response to a Twitter user’s now-deleted post had led to her toxic fans sending death threats to the Twitter user. It all started on September 3rd, when Valkyrae replied to an upset Sykkuno fan on Twitter. The tweet of the Sykkuno fan said that they do not want to see Valkyrae’s ex-boyfriend Sonnii on a broadcast.

In response to this, Valkyrae wrote that she is cancelling the stream, but it turns out that some fans of her were not happy with her response and started throwing hate at the upset Sykkuno fan whose Tweet Rae replied to. Valkyrae was shocked to see that the person she had replied to was getting death threats and gruesome pictures for Valkyrae’s response. So during her recent stream, Valkyrae addressed the situation. She was in tears when she explained how bad she felt at this outrage, especially after discovering that the person she had responded to was a minor.

She said that she made a mistake as when she replied to people on twitter, she sometimes forgets who can see it so she took responsibility for what happened. Valkyrae soon tweeted from her official account, asking her fans not to send death threats and other forms of hate to anyone on her behalf. Valkyrae clarified that she did her part and reached out to the Twitter user, and apologized for the horrifying experience.

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