Valkyrae Gives Fresh Update On Her Future

Valkyrae announced a few weeks ago that she would be taking a break from streaming. While the reason for her decision remains unknown to the public, it would be heartbreaking for her fans to see her leave. Valkyrae had switched from Twitch to YouTube, which turned out to be a brilliant move for her career.

On her Twitter page, the co-owner of 100 Thieves has posted a series of tweets that hint at a big announcement. In her most recent tweet, she mentions that she only has a few more days left and that she misses her family.

Valkyrae’s hiatus from streaming has been announced for more than two weeks.

The new tweet has piqued the interest of her fans even more than before, as there’s always the possibility that the announcement will see her switching sides once more.

Her fans appear to miss her across all platforms and are desperate for her to return. Rae’s absence makes the house feel more empty than usual.

Of course, the thread was flooded with ‘I MISS YOU’ and ‘Miss You’ tweets, demonstrating how much she is loved by her fans. Valkyrae must have signed a new contract with Meta’s Facebook Gaming, according to many users.

Valkyrae’s decision to leave YouTube would be quite surprising, given that she had previously stated that YouTube was the only viable option for streaming stars. All of this could signal a return to Twitch or a fresh start on Facebook Gaming. Or has she figured out a way to use YouTube?

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