Valkyrae Gives Reason For Leaving Twitch

Rachel AKA Hofstetter Valkyrae is one of the world’s most successful female content creators.

When she was still with the streaming platform Twitch, she was one of the most well-known streamers. However, she decided to switch to YouTube to stream her content after five years on Twitch.

It was difficult to understand why Valkyrae made the switch at the time and she, on the other hand, has always been very open with her fans and followers and released a video explaining the reason behind the switch.

Valkyrae was open about why she switched from Twitch to YouTube in the video she posted saying that it was because of Financial security. Valkyrae shared that she will earn just under $1 million per year as a result of her YouTube deal. This is a very appealing offer for her because she will no longer have to worry about financially supporting her mother knowing that she had been supporting her mother for three years at the time of her switch, ever since her mother’s job had been lost.

She also revealed that financial security was not the only factor that influenced her decision. Her decision was influenced by her desire for creative freedom. Aside from gaming streams,she wants to branch out into other vlog genres, such as fitness and beauty.

Streaming on YouTube, as opposed to Twitch, allows her to be more creative because she doesn’t have to worry as much about numbers and viewers. Streamers like CourageJD, her co-creator of 100 Thieves, have previously left Twitch for YouTube for the same reason.

Valkyrae believes that the creative freedom she enjoys on YouTube allows her to focus solely on the content she wants to create, allowing her to make videos she enjoys rather than worrying about the numbers.

Many streamers have been attracted to YouTube streaming because of its flexible policies in recent weeks, as many big names like LazarBeam have made the switch. Only time will tell who will be the next Twitch streamer to switch to YouTube.

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