Valkyrae Responding to Backlash Over ‘Fruity’ Comment

Rachell Hofstetter, a female streamer who is one of the most well-known in the world was known online as Valkyrae. She recently received backlash for using the term fruity in a live broadcast to refer to a man in a game called ‘Dating or Siblings’.

The game Dating or Siblings has become very popular with streamers and viewers. The game required players to examine a number of photographs of married couples in order to determine if they were romantically involved.

Valkyrae, her friends and fellow streamers have joined the fun. However, she faced backlash when she called a man “fruity” because she had been under the impression that one of the couple was siblings. She claims that the male in the photograph might not be interested.

Valkyrae said, “This is siblings. Emma is right, I believe. He’s fruity,” she said. Valkyrae also spoke out about her live broadcast and how it was cancelled due to what she has to say. She said, “I also wanted her to mention that I noticed chat was freaking out over the ‘fruity’ thing. It was a word I had never heard of. Emma told me it so it became a phrase I used to refer to gay people.

Then, she claimed that she did not know it was wrong to speak that way. She stated that she has stopped using it, and she hoped that people would understand that her intentions were not to hurt anyone. Valkyrae concluded her explanation by saying that she was sorry for any injuries caused by the use of the term.


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