Valkyrae Shared Altercation With a Stranger

Rachell Hoffstetter aka Valkyrae, a YouTube streaming star, recently teased her upcoming line of merchandise, which received a lot of positive feedback — however it seems like  photographing the clothes turned out to be a bit of a difficulty.

Valkyrae is preparing to launch her new clothing brand, and fans are ecstatic. Valkyrae, who was named Content Creator of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards, has previously modeled for Gucci and more recently taken her posing skills to the next level by showcasing her own merchandise.

Her attempt to capture excellent photos of her clothes line, however, did not go so well. In her efforts to shoot the clothing line on a gorgeous route in the Los Angeles area, the streamer got herself into two hair-raising situations that she is unlikely to forget anytime soon.

In an attempt to get to the photoshoot location, Valkyrae and her friends drove up the wrong road, according to Valkyrae. They came across an older woman in a golf cart driving right toward them on a one-way street… She refused to move out of the way.

In the video posted on Youtube, Valkyrae shares her experience. Valkyrae explained; “She pulled up next to my car, and she goes, ‘Are you lost?’ And I said, ‘No, we just took a wrong turn.’ And then she said, ‘Well, stay on the right road.’”

However, the angry ‘Karen’ was nothing compared to the horrors that awaited Rae and her crew on the set. A visibly disturbed woman was apparently looking at Rae and attempted to get past security as she was modeling her clothing line. Additionally, Rae said the lady allegedly shattered a picture frame, which she was using to hit mailboxes in the area, before approaching the streamer and shouting abusive words.

Valkyrae exclaimed; “She kept calling me a b***h. Like, ‘Oh, who are you? You think you’re better than me?’ She took off her shirt and pulled out a speaker with a cord, and she’s swinging the speaker. And she’s like, ‘What the f**k do you want?’ P***ed at me!”

Thankfully, Rae was able to safely return to her car, and the crew decided to cancel the photography due to the incident. Despite the ordeal, Rae expressed concern for the woman, saying; “I felt like maybe I triggered something in her. What if she was trying to be an actress and it didn’t work out, and something happened in her life that she resorted to being in the position she’s in now? I don’t know, it was really sad.”

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