Valkyrae Spots Centipede During Valorant Stream

Valkyrae screams after spotting a centipede during Valorant stream: Valkyrae was panicked after a recent incident during Valorant stream with friends. Valkyrae could be heard screaming while playing the game after noticing a huge centipede crawling across her room.

The co-owner of 100 Thieves announced her departure from streaming. She later stated that she will not return until she can formally announce the next platform with which she will begin working. She advised her fans to wait for the announcement video to go live before asking for more information. However, this did not rule out the possibility of her reappearance on the streaming scene, as evidenced by her appearance in her friends’ streams, much to the delight of her fans.

Despite the fact that she does not have her own channel, she is frequently found gaming or chatting with Sykkuno, Pokimane, or Fuslie in their streams. Unfortunately, she was discovered screaming in a recent stream after discovering a centipede in her room.

Twitch streamer Fuslie joined Rae, Sykkuno, and others on January 24th for a casual and fun Valorant game. Everything was fine until Valkyrae started screeching her head. Fuslie was quick to inquire as to what had occurred.

Rae’s friends were initially perplexed, as they couldn’t make sense of the situation. Later, they devised a variety of strategies to assist Rae in escaping her predicament.

Others asked her to leave the room, while Fuslie, who was uncomfortable with the idea of a centipede, suggested she kill it. Sykkuno questioned if the bug was real or not. Valkyrae eventually dealt with the said bug, but at the cost of losing the match. She even posted a picture of the bug on her chat, causing others to twitch in disgust.

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