Valkyrae Teases YouTube Version of Twitch Prime And Gifted Subs

YouTube’s streaming star Rachell Hofstetter, aka Valkyrae says that the platform is currently working to create its own Twitch Prime and gifted subs.

Valkyrae, co-owner and YouTube Gaming’s 100 Thieves, revealed that YouTube Gaming is currently working to create a platform that allows viewers to share channel memberships with one another.

Valkyrae did not provide additional information on what the users might expect from these features, however we believe that gifted memberships will look very similar to Twitch’s subscription gifting system.

Subscriber gifting, if you don’t know what Twitch is, allows fans to express their love for favorite creators. For $4.99 per month, users can purchase a subscription to the channel of a creator and give them to specific people or have Twitch gift them automatically to other members. Creators benefit because creators are still paid a percentage of the revenue. It’s also possible for the gift recipient to enjoy the subscription and continue to subscribe at their expense for more months.

When Valkyrae refers to Twitch’s parent company Amazon when she said “Prime that’s not Prime”? It costs either $8.99 or $12.99 per monthly depending on which membership level you choose. Benefits include faster shipping and access to Amazon’s extensive library of audio-visual content.

Twitch Prime has a similar offering, including free video games, in-game content, and, perhaps most importantly for us, a Twitch channel subscription every month.

YouTube has yet to reveal the Prime equivalent. However, if YouTube is anything like Twitch Prime it might use it to offer free channels memberships to increase usage of its membership or gifting system. YouTube will have to wait to see whether its Prime-inspired Prime subscription includes any of these features, or if it takes a different approach. However, the company has demonstrated in the past that they listen to users’ requests.

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