Valkyrae: The Latest IRL Stream Incident

During a recent stream, Youtube streamer Valkyrae has talked about the recent incident on their recent IRL stream with fellow streamers such as Pokimane, Austin Show, Ludwig, Fuslie and HasanAbi.

Aside from playing games in front of the camera, some streamers have been branching out and stream their daily lives in a form IRL stream. However, given there is a full of stranger and passer by, these IRL stream can be full of pitfalls just like what happened during a recent IRL stream of Youtube streamer Valkyrae together with her fellow streamers and friends including Pokimane, Austin Show, Ludwig, Fuslie and HasanAbi.

The said stream got almost shut down after they had a dispute with a restaurant manager. Apparently, Valkyrae’s assistant Amanda had called the place in advance and got permission to host the live stream. However, when the streamers reached the spot and began the broadcast, a manager walked in and asked them to stop.

Now, On Valkyrae’s most recent stream, she explained to her viewers what really happened and how things got straightened out. Valkyrae stated that it was Pokimane who got things straightened out by asking to speak to a different member of staff who could help them. That person then gave them permission to stream. Some fans have commented on the situation stating that the streamers were being ‘karens’ about the whole thing and complaining to the managers. However, Valkyrae has shut them down stating that they really did anything wrong.



30 years8 January 1992

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Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has officially confirmed that she is living with her fellow streamer and good friend “Sykkuno” after having kept the arrangement secret from their viewers for weeks.09-Feb-2022

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is a 30-year-old YouTube streamer. She was born on Jan. 8, 1992.10-Feb-2022


The YouTube streamer Valkyrae, who was live streaming with her friends and fellow streamers, had a dispute with a restaurant manager while they were on location during their recent IRL stream. The manager told them to stop broadcasting because there was no permission given, but the assistant of one of

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