Valorant Character Jett

Twitch streamer Shroud recently says that the meta could shift due to an upcoming balance change to the popular Valorant character Jett.

Valorant has been having a balance problem for quite some time. Jett has been the most-preferred agent at Valorant’s highest levels of play since 2020. Jett’s strength was first noticed by Immortal and Radiant players when it was added, but Platinum and Diamond players are now aboard as well. Jett is a top three pick for Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Valorant players. But enough has been seen, and changes are on the way. Shroud believes it will cause a major shift in Valorant’s meta.

During a recent Twitch stream, Shroud shared two thoughts while playing Valorant. The first is a question of which character will benefit the most from Jett’s nerf. Jett is being played less and another Agent is being played more, according to Shroud. Yoru is the Agent in question. Shroud doesn’t say why he thinks Yoru will be used more, but it’s likely because Yoru’s teleportation ability, Gatecrash, provides some mobility that Jett won’t be able to provide.



South Korean

VALORANT Agents: Jett, a Duelist from South Korea.

South Korean



Jett is a character on Valorant, a popular game where players take on the role of superheroes to save Earth. Jett has been the most-preferred agent at high levels of play since 2020 and Jett’s strength was first noticed when it was added in late 2016, but Platinum

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