Valorant New Agent In Gameplay Trailer

Riot Games released new gameplay to Fade. Fade is a new character in Valorant , who specialises in combating monsters and dark ink.

Valorant is Riot Games’ answer for counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has been an instant hit with hero shooters ever since it was released in 2020. The game is particularly loved by streamers such as IShowSpeed and Pokimane. The game’s short existence has seen a rise in professional players, some of whom have switched from other shooters for Riot’s new offering.

Riot Games has been so impressed with Valorant that they are constantly updating the content. Riot Games has released the trailer for Valorant Agent Fade, one of many ways that the shooter retains players. Fade, a 20th agent in Valorant is originally from Turkey. Every Agent has their own unique abilities that help them stand out. Fade, a Turkish Agent, battles her enemies using “nightmare Ink” and other strange abilities.

The gameplay trailer shows Fade’s action in a short clip. It doesn’t go into too much detail on her abilities, but instead it focuses more on the appearance of them. Riot provides detailed descriptions for each Fade ability, which is a great thing. After a time limit, her E releases an orb from the top of her head. As it hits ground, the orb will show the locations of any enemies within its range of vision. Fade’sQ also fires an Orb. However, when the orb hits the ground it locks inmates, stopping them from fleeing through other means.

The two abilities of Fade seem to make it an unusually useful tool in Valorant matches. It can reveal enemies and keep them away from it.

Fade’s ability C lets her equip a Prowler. This is another of her abilities. The Prowler moves in straight lines and will lock onto any enemy it comes across. Although the Prowler may approach enemies and get close to them, it is possible to avoid this. Fade’s final X grants Fear to her. The energy waves are able to ignore obstacles, and leave a trail that leaves behind deafening, decaying enemies and destruction. Fade seems to have strong abilities and fans expect her to win the game as the new Agents from Valorant.

Valorant will also be presented Fade at the beginning of Episode 4 Act 3. Episode 4 of Valorant has been online since 2022. It began with Agent Neon’s release, which changed everything. Now, fans are waiting to see how Fade will affect the game of Valorant.


The new agent, codenamed ‘Bounty Hunter’ is set to be an Initiator and hails from Turkey. “This next agent should give you a more… intimate feeling when hunting down enemies,” Riot Games said about the new Agent in the State of the Agents blog post yesterday.29-Mar-2022

Valorant reveals new Agent Neon, the duelist who can “Sprint and Slide”05-Jan-2022

– Skye. With her new upgrades, Skye has become one of the most powerful initiators in the game.
– Sova. For team matches, Sova is a superb agent.
– Viper. It is Viper’s specialty to target a single player or a whole opponent team with toxin-based damage.
– Sage.
– Killjoy.
– Astra.
– Raze.
– Cypher.

Tour de Force is an insanely powerful ultimate for seven ability points. However, it puts Chamber as a pseudo duelist because of his lack of utility. His Trademark is the only ability that can gather information, so you have to find other ways to be useful when you are not getting kills.27-Feb-2022

Fade is the brand new agent coming into Valorant during Episode 4 Act 3, and Riot has finally officially confirmed the appearance of her.19-Apr-2022

Killjoy is the first agent to arrive on site along with her Turret and starts to analyze the active spike.


Riot Games released new gameplay footage of their game, Fade. Fade is a Turkish female character that specializes in combatting dark ink and monsters. Valorant is Riot’s answer to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has been a hit with people ever since it was released in 2020.

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