Vayne Huge League Of Legends Visual Update

To kick off Season 12, Riot Games is giving Vayne a major League of Legends visual overhaul, focusing on her ultimate as well as her “E” ability.

Vayne debuted in League in 2011 and quickly established himself as a lethal AD Carry who lived up to the fantasy of a monster hunter.

With the exception of one update in 2015, she has received very little visual care from Riot since then. In an upcoming VFX update to the champion, the company wants to “modernize” the Night Hunter’s outfits and animations.

Riot’s Sirhaian clarified their goals for the update on the League’s subreddit page. Although the changes are subtle compared to other VFX updates, they improve her animations and make them more compatible with newer champions.

Condemn, her E ability now fires a much larger and more colorful arrow. Final Hour, her ultimate ability, now gives her a gray glow, making it more obvious that she is empowered by it. On the updated skins, auto-attacks are also more refined.

One of a few champions, Vayne recently received visual updates, with fellow AD Carry Varus getting a nice makeover.

The VFX update will be available in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) with patch 12.2, according to Riot.

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