Veloce Esports Announcement

Veloce Esports announced a partnership to Codemasters, a leading race game developer, in order to create the VERSUS ULTRA series, a groundbreaking multi-title, global esports league. Lando Norris’ Quadrant Team is the official entry.

Veloce has a history of innovative and unique projects within the rapidly growing esports industry. This is evident by its hugely successful #NotTheGP series at the 2020 lockdowns. Veloce’s Esports ecosystem is growing and has more than 220 million viewers across all its channels.

Codemasters, a world-famous videogame studio that specializes on racing games, is known worldwide. DiRT, Project CARS and GRID are just a few of the many titles. The VERSUS ULTRA Series uses a new event format with multiple Codemasters Games participating in different stages.

This event will showcase some of the best-known esports teams worldwide, such as pro gamers and streamers who are world-famous, along with the first VERSUS ULTRA cup.

Quadrant is F1 driver Lando norris’ esports team. They are the first competitors.

Quadrant will be undoubtedly at the end of the first season with Aarav Amin (Aarava), F1 YouTube star and leading virtual racer Steve Alvarez Brown, Super GT, Maria Bish (RiaBish) and Niran Yufu (FNG).

As soon as information becomes available, we will release more details about the event, including team announcements and the VERSUS ULTRA Cup. Racing is scheduled to start in 2022.

Rupert SvendsenCook, CEO of Veloce Esports, expressed his joy and gratitude at being able to partner with Codemasters in launching what he considers the most competitive racing esports in the world. Codemasters was also a collaborator on occasions.

Toby Evan Jones, Head of Business Development said the VERSUS Ultra series is an innovative format. It offers action-packed content and the chance for players to race against other heroes in real-life or virtual racing. Toby Evan-Jones said that Codemasters’ expertise in creating world-class racing games make them an ideal partner for Veloce. They are looking to gather players from all levels and create a competition that will redefine the competitive gaming landscape through innovative and inclusive formats.

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